Amy, Kiama

My nature meditation experience with Jenae is something I cherish and hold onto. It’s a tool I have. A secret weapon to pull out and use when I need! At the last women’s circle relaxation Jenae asked us to think about and go back to a time when we felt most relaxed, calm and at peace… For me that was a previous nature meditation with Jenae and having another opportunity to relive this was a privilege.

Jenae’s gentle guided meditation helped me achieve a connection to my natural surroundings that I haven’t experienced before. A strong sense of calmness and freedom that was energising and a place, feeling or moment that I can instantly go back to where ever I am when I need to take a moment for myself.

There is something about the fresh air, the feel of the earth beneath you and the sounds of nature that can’t be beaten and that’s why I’m always quick to return and join Jenae.

As an added bonus I have meet fabulous people along the way, made new friendships and enjoyed tasting Jenae’s incredible and nourishing cooking too.

If you love being outdoors or need to  sneak some time for yourself, you will want to join Jenae’s next nature experience!

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