6 ways to reclaim your Sunday; avoid the emotional slump and easily prepare for the work week.

Sunday is a strange day of the week. It’s the reset button on the week that was… and how this Sunday plays out, is generally how your week ahead runs too. I always find it a day of mixed emotions; happy to end the week, but somehow trepidatious about what lies ahead. I used to often struggle with the mixed emotions, did I achieve enough this weekend, did I take advantage of every moment and make that all important weekend ‘worthwhile’?

But what really is worthwhile? And did I achieve it? And why do I care so much?

In a week so rigid with routine, maximising time and productivity driven activities and assessment of your time – it’s so easy to then assess your own precious ‘spare time’ in terms of productivity and return, whereas rest and enjoyment is really the goal here for the week-end. Here are 6 ways to beat the Sunday blues and reclaim your Sunday whilst still mentally preparing for the week ahead.

1. Get off the social media, have the day off!
The worst way to get the day started is to compare yourself to everyone else’s activities the Saturday night before. A sure fire way to get in a bad mood is to see everyone else’s glory photos and check in’s; out there partying, guzzling luscious cocktails in luxurious bars; whilst you succumbed to watching repeat episodes of Seinfeld on TV in your PJ’s scoffing on chocolate. Today, Sunday, is about relaxation and preparation – both mentally and physically. Dump the brain numbing activity that only brings your mood down.

Depending on where you live, today is the today to plan some quiet time in nature. Most of us spend the entire week indoors and barely see the sunlight. If the weather is working in your favour, today is the day to refuel your vitamin D levels and ground yourself in nature. Sunday is a good day to tend to your plants, walk the dog or if you are lucky enough get close to the trees or water ; absorb that luscious fresh air and ions with a walk or simply just ‘be’.


3. Plan your meals/do the groceries.
Ideally, you already have your shopping list ready to go (try to put this together on a weeknight, get off your social media and plan your meals and shopping list instead!). Early on Sunday mornings, the grocery store is usually dead quiet, so enjoy this time to get everything you need to keep your week on track. Shopping in the morning will also alleviate your desire to splurge on binge foods like chocolate or other sneaky food desires you have!

Allocate some time to to catch up on any baking or cooking preparation you need to do straight after you shop whilst you’re still in that headspace. Enlist the family’s help too. There’s nothing better than crawling into bed on Sunday feeling ready for the week ahead!


4. Family and friends time.
A cliché activity, but so important. Ensure that it’s fun and preferably active. The afternoon is a great time after you have done all of your ‘jobs’ to plan something great. Ideally keep a bucket list of activities in your local area handy on the fridge (preferably free) and work your way through the list, that way you are never stuck for ideas and can decide spur of the moment. Don’t get deterred by the weather, have some fun at laser skirmish or indoor rock climbing, putt putt golf or a heated pool.


5. Sunday night dinner.
This is THE best way to finish the week. Make the meal a cracker. Set the table lovely. Light the candles, turn off the TV. Enjoy everyone’s company and just enjoy the amazing meal – there’s no need to go overboard, a decadent healthy meal, baked veggies or a hearty soup, or even takeaway on your best dinner set. Just have a slow paced dinner with good company and conversation. Make sure you do the dishes, enlist some helpers! Don’t overdue it and continue the party, if you do invite friends or family, wrap things up early and take it easy on the vino.


6. Me time.
You must book in some me time. Pick your timing and whatever activity you’re feeling up too. A long soak in the bath after dinner, a catch up on some beauty maintenance such as an at home pedicure, read your book, take some time to journal or a restorative yoga or stretching session on your back lawn. Your me time, your choice. Do whatever makes you feel GOOD from the inside out.

So what have you achieved if nothing else this Sunday? You’ve kept your brain and body busy, you have made a meal with love, spent time with your loved ones, grounded yourself with nature and prepared physically and mentally for the week ahead. And as we all know you are extremely efficient, so you’ve also had time to catch up on anything else in between.


Enjoy your Sunday, don’t be so hard on yourself! You did the best you could last week, tomorrow is a new day and a new week!

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